Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Test Way #8: Planning and logistical issues!

E-mail, 11 August 2009, in preparation for me, my wife (Miche) and dad undertaking the third leg of The Test Way this coming weekend.


It's going to be a bit of a long haul on Sunday I think, and we need to consider the best way to do it. Essentially there are is 24.5 miles still to do but you can't easily break it down into two easily manageable chunks. We either need to 13.5m this Sunday followed by the final 11 miles next time, or 8m this Sunday followed by 16.5 (not the desired option as far as I can see!).

The slight concern is that 13.5 is much longer than the section between Romsey and Stockbridge which came in at 10.5m and was knackering enough! Having said that we don't really want to do the remainder in three sections because each would be too short.

The way perhaps to break it up is to meet Jenny and the girls for lunch in Longparish (The Plough Inn), at which point we will have completed 8.5m, then do the remaining 5m (to St Mary Bourne) after lunch. Do you think this is going to work? Not sure having lunch in the middle is a good idea, but 13.5m is a long stretch and probably needs to be broken up.

Downside is that it breaks up Jenny's day and makes it difficult for her to plan what to do with the kids. Let me know what you think.

The other issue I've thought of is how we get back to Stockbridge. With the girls in the car with Jenny we might get two of the three of us in too, but not sure what to do with the odd one! We will need to do two trips back to Stockbridge I think, unless you or Jenny waits at St Mary Bourne whilst the other drives us all back to Stockbridge, before returning and heading home.

Let me know what you think on this too.


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