Sunday, September 13, 2009

Test Way #13: Almost one year on...

I've said already that we want to finish the walk within a year of starting it. Well, next Saturday (19 September) we are doing Leg 4, from St Mary Bourne to Inkpen Beacon and, given we did Leg 1 on 27 October 2008, then we shall achieve this aim.

However yesterday we took the kids to Romsey Show on a gloriously warm and sunny day (quite unusual for Romsey Show, at least from childhood memories) and had a really good time, meeting some friends there and enjoying it thoroughly. Completely against expectation, we stayed from 10.30 until almost 7pm, whereas I expected that we'd be home by 2!

I mention this because the day of the last year's show was due, of course, to be the day that Miche and I undertook the first leg of The Test Way. We aborted because Ellie, our daughter, was suffering from a dodgy hip and, as it turned out, my dad was able to join us on the rearranged date and the rest is history.

So although we almost certainly, barring disaster, will complete the walk within a year of starting it, we have now been planning to do the walk for well over a year. I hope that next time we have a plan like this, it doesn't take so long to come to fruition.

And, if the weather is half as good next Saturday as it was yesterday for Romsey Show, then our walk will finish in style with a clear view from Inkpen Beacon of the very countryside we set out to explore.

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